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Powerful retrospective and meeting facilitation application, unlimited participants, unlimited boards, unlimited themes, and enterprise SSO ready, all on a secure cloud infrastructure.
Created by leaders who do retrospectives and use Lean Coffee to run meetings.

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Our Amazing Features

Yes, it’s true this application has everything to run a successful retrospective.

Drag and drop

Kanban style retro board. Add, delete, edit, and like cards under any column.

Fully customizable

Create your own boards with columns unique to your team or use one of the prebuilt ones. Easily clone your board for next retro.

Anonymous Participation

Login is not required to participate, just share the link with you team.

Enterprise Security

Built to be scaled with enterprise security and a robust cloud infrastructure. Full Okta integration for secure authentication in addition to Microsoft and Google SSO for convenience and security.

Free Retro or Retrospective Board

Fully Featured Retro Board

Level up your retrospectives. Use this retrospective tool to streamline relentless improvement for your team and organization. This board is built for continuous improvement by automating the retrospective process.

Kanban style retro board

Stay organized with drag-and-drop and card sorting

Cards can be liked to facilitate agreement by voting

CSV retro board download for easy import into most apps

Create Private team boards where only members of a team will see their boards

Create Public boards that can be accessed with a link; this is perfect for large event retrospectives

Clone a board to reuse it in your next retrospective

Track retrospective action items so that we are accountable for relentless improvement

Create a board from a pre-built template

Scalable Retrospectives

This tool is built to automate the retrospective process for teams and the organization.

Teams can see past retro boards and track action items. Action items can be viewed by team and board.

Active product support contact us by clicking the feedback button on this page.

Free Retrospective or Retro Custom
Free Retrospectives or Retro Easy Templates

Prebuilt Board Templates

There are over 10 pre-built board templates to choose from making getting stared easy.

Unlimited unique retrospective templates can be created. Users can create three or four column retrospective boards.

When a board is cloned the cards are reset and a new board name can be created.

Secure Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

This is a secure retrospective application designed to bring relentless improvement to any organization.

AWS and Azure cloud infrastructure built to scale

Secure account management with Okta

Single sign-on (SSO) with Google or Microsoft powered by Okta

SSL only access, we are serious about security

DevOps Pipeline with automated security compliance

Free Retrospective or Enterprise

Lean Coffee Board - For better meetings and events

Need a Lean Coffee Board for your event?
Use the Lean Coffee board to run your next meeting.
Just send the board link in your next meeting invite.

Click Create board

Go ahead and login or create your account.

Select Lean Coffee board

Under templates select lean coffee

Share URL

This is an anonymous sharable link. (Login is not required.) Attendees can add discussion topics to the board. Facilitate with voting, sorting, and drag and drop between columns.

Frequently Asked Question's

Getting start is easy and training and support is included.

-Is there FREE training on retrospectives?

Yes, click here to join our meetup

-Do I have to sign in to participate?

No, there is a sharable link that is found above the board.

-Where is the sharable link?

Click on Retro Boards then click Copy Share Link

-Can I customize the columns?

Yes, click on Board Templates then click Create Template

-Physical Security: Restricted and Monitored Access

The buildings housing the datacenter have a comprehensive security system which include but not limited to the following: 24x7 on-site security, Access codes, Biometric hand scanners, Electronic proximity readers, Security surveillance system

-Data Center Locations (100% USA)

Ashburn VA and St. Louis, MO

-Service providers

AWS, Azure, and Hostek


Virtual machine, and all of the data they hold, reside on Dell Enterprise SAN arrays that include the following features: Disks configured in high performance RAID configuration for redundancy, Redundant Storage Controllers, Redundant Network Adapters, Redundant Storage Networking, Redundant power supplies, Redundant uplinks to servers + Round Robin MPIO for added performance

-Firewall & IPS

Perimeter firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) with the following features: Highly availability for redundancy, Stateful packet inspection, Deep packet inspection for known malicious attack patterns, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection mechanisms


Daily backups of all web, email, and database servers

-Are our datacenters SOC 2 and SOC 3 certified?


-Are our servers PCI compliant?


-Who is our authentication provider?

Okta. We use OpenID Connect which is based on the OAuth 2.0 specification. OpenID Connect utilizes the JWT standard for the ID token.

Free Retrospective or retros FAQs

Zero, zilch, zip, nada, nothing!

We believe that relentless improvement should be free and unlimited
Now Backed by Lean-Agile 24 Agile SAAS Solutions

Everything is Included

Unlimited Boards

Unlimited Users

Access pre-built Board Templates

Unlimited Custom Board Templates

Unlimited Private Links

Unlimited Public Links

Retrospective Training Events

100% Secure Scalable Cloud

End-to-end encryption

Okta Authentication

Google SSO Authentication

Microsoft SSO Authentication

Unlimited Teams

Priority Support from Lean-Agile 24

Enhanced security

Single Sign-On SSO (seen above)

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